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Ask Lou: April 2011

Q: During your Christmas shows, when you meet up with your fans for the meet and greet are there any gifts you've received that you thought were special? - Mary H
Mary, I really appreciate all the wonderful gifts that people give me. My favorites are donations made in my name to my favorite charities.
Q: Louise, we sure do miss you in Pigeon Forge. Do you think you will ever have a theater again. - Billy
Billy, I miss all of my friends in Pigeon Forge, but my husband John is still sick so I work very little.
Q: Hi Lou,Do you drive yourself around places or do you have a driver? - L. Wehman
Wehman, I love your question. I enjoy driving. I want to encourage everyone to wear your seat belt, have a hands free phone, and never text. Sounds old fashion, but you'll live to be old with this attitude.
Q: Tell us some odd things about yourself...a weird habit you have...weird things you may like to eat...and something you do that your friends and family would say "yep that's typical Louise" - Chris
I think everyone has good and bad habits. Chris, my worst habit is when I'm watching TV and I notice when someone is talking to me, but forget to listen. My best is remembering to tell my friends I love them.
Q: How is John doing? So many of your fans are praying for him. - Martha
How is John doing? - Sherri H.
Martha & Sherri, Thanks for asking about John. We are on our way to Denver now to see two different doctors. We appreciate your prayers.
Q: A few years ago you did a single on the Mandrell sisters show where at the end your son unexpectedly knocks on the door,home from the service. Is that on u-tube? I will never forget it. - Jim
Jim, thanks for remembering. I don't have any copies and haven't seen it on You Tube.
Q: Your voice blends so well with Eric Carmen's. Any chance of you collaborating with him again? - David
I really enjoyed singing with Eric Carmen. I love doing duets. I hope you get a chance to join Lee Greenwood and me live.

Q: Where do you get your fashion sense? have you and Lee Greenwood ever thought of getting married? You inspire me. I love your Christmas tunes! - kristy h.
Kristy, Hope to answer all of your questions. I love fashion and buy several fashion magazines every month. My favorite time of year is Christmas and I really enjoyed recording my new Christmas CD and to your final question... Lee and I are both happily married TO OTHER PEOPLE. Lee's wife, Kim, has been a long time friend of the Mandrell's. My husband, John, is not only one of the smartest men I have ever known, but he is one of the most generous and caring. We have been married for 16 years.
Q: Loved the pictures of Sally! will you put some more on your website? - Kellie
Happy to do that Kellie. My new favorite of Sally Sue she is dressed as a baby, because she is my baby.
Q: Saw on Facebook that you went to Hawaii. Who went with you? - Kari
Kari, I had a great time with my daughter, Nicole, and friends. Matt George, who worked with me in Pigeon Forge, was staring in the production show on board ship. It was great to see him perform and visit with my old friend. Don't miss the pictures of our trip.