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2013: "God's Precious Blessings" | Ask Lou 2013 | Mandrell Memories | LMT Updates
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Ask Lou: 2013

Q: What are you most thankful for this year? - Steve
Steve, I am most thankful for Larkin. God blessed me with a healthy grandchild.
Q: Do you have anything extra special planned for Larkin for Christmas this year? Any new traditions? - Shelby N.
Shelby, No, nothing new. She's too little to bake a cake with, so next year we will share with her the tradition of baking a cake for the baby Jesus.
Q: We always got to open one present early? Did you ever do this? - Sheryl T.
Sheryl, Yes, one present on Christmas eve when we were growing up. Not always, but occasionally. It was not a tradition, but sometimes we talked them into it.
Q: We decorate the outside of our house with lights and decor starting in October. Do you do the same thing or just for Christmas? - Cameron F.
Cameron, In October we decorate for Halloween and we decorate for Christmas right after that. A lot of people don't like to do that for taking away from Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is always a big thing at our house anyways. We celebrate both as a religious holiday. One we give thanks for all Gods given us and the other celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.
Q: Do you plan to teach Larkin any musical instruments now or in the future? - Mary E.
Mary, It's not my plan to teach her anything unless she has a desire to learn it.
Q: Having traveled and been blessed with many opportunities throughout your life, what would you tell Larkin is something that she should make sure she experiences in her life? -Kari B.
Kari, Being a mommy. I'd like to be a great grandmother some day!
Q: At the zoo which animal seems to draw Larkins attention the most? - Neal M.
Neal, She loves all of the zoo animals, but because of her age, when they are far away she loses interest easy.

Q: Are you going to go see any Christmas shows this year? - Taylor
Yes, I am going to go see three different shows. Deborah Allen at the Fontanel, the Rockettes at Gaylord, and I am also going on the General Jackson to see their Christmas show.
Q: When decorating, do you prefer a theme for a Christmas tree or a tree with an "anything goes" theme? - Sherry S.
Sherry, I have done both. For years I had a lot of trees with a lot of themes. This year I have two trees, one is the traditional with different years of sentimental ornaments and the other is a patriotic tree.
Q: Are you a late or early Christmas shopper? - Anne E.
Anne, I am an early shopper!