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2014: Ask Lou 2014

Ask Lou: 2014

Q: At what age did you know you were going to pursue a music career? - Carolyn B.
Carolyn, I made a living playing music from the time I was in junior high and working for my sister, Barbara. During the Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters TV show I realized this could be more than a job. It had turned into a career. We just can't plan things as good as God can give them.
Q: What was your favorite Fan Fair memory? - Jeffrey D.
Jeffrey, A fan got upset with me one time because I wouldn't sign her autograph as Marie Osmond. I think she is still mad at Marie! I tried to explain that I loved the Osmond family, but I'm a Mandrell.
Q: How much about your life has changed since Larkin came along? - Lisa B.
Lisa, absolutely everything! I keep Larkin now Monday through Friday. We have a lot of fun, especially playing in the pool and gardening. I don't know which one of us gives out first, but neither of us has any trouble sleeping!
Q: How many of the 50 states have you done shows in? - Scott L.
Scott, I haven't worked in Alaska. However, I have taken two cruises to see America's last frontier. I wish everyone could experience Alaska and all its natural beauty!
Q: We miss you in Sevierville. Would you ever come do a show at Dollywood or even another venue, like your old theatre? - Terrie B.
Terrie, Never say never. Especially when it's some place I love like East Tennessee! I'm not planning anything in the future, but I love and miss East Tennessee. It's a great place to live or vacation. I have a lot of wonderful memories of the time spent at my theater in Pigeon Forge.
Q: Are you sensitive about your age? - Jay D.
Jay, When my dad turned 80 we started getting concerned when he was telling everyone he was 90. I asked why he was telling people he was 90 at 80 and did he realize it. He said yes, but I look great for 90. I'm proud of my age and I don't mind being 60 as long as I don't feel it or look it.

Q: How many pets have you had in your lifetime? - Charlene
Charlene, I only had a few pets growing up because we spent so much time on the road, but once I settled down in East TN I made up for lost time.
Q: What was your Favorite moment while performing Calamity Jane at Roger Rockas dinner theater with Good Company Players? - Tracy J.
Tracy, I had a lot of special moments during the show, but it all started with a few of my friends in the cast having prayer together in the front office waiting for the show to start. We entered from the front of the building and so we had plenty of time to visit and pray while the rest of the cast was on stage. However, by going around the building to enter I did have a very memorable moment. Because I played the part of Calamity Jane, there was something I did every night before the show started to get into the character. In costume, with my gun, hat, whip, and entire costume, I would spit outside the front door before walking in. The run of performances was almost over when I was warming up out front by twirling my gun. I stuck it in my holster and spit to go in the front door, not realizing there were some people across the street that were watching me. At that moment I was glad I was Calamity Jane and not Louise Mandrell!
Q: What are some of your Dreams you have yet to fulfill? - Phil B.
Phil, The day I adopted Nicole I took her to Disneyland and every weekday morning Larkin and I watch the Mickey Mouse club together on TV. I can't wait until she's old enough to take her & her parents to Disneyland and relive those wonderful memories next with my daughter, Kyle, & grandchild.
Q: Will you be doing a Christmas show in Nashville this year? - Nikki B.
Nikki, In the last five years I get more questions about the Christmas show than any other show, because it had started to be a tradition for some of my country music friends. Thanks for making me a part of your Christmas, but I don't have any future plans at this time for any more Christmas shows.