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2014: Ask Lou 2014

Ask Lou: 2014

Q: When you were growing up what was your favorite hobby to pass time away? - Lynn J.
Lynn, When I was growing up I don't know that I ever had a real hobby. We spent a lot of time playing music, but we were so young that we also spent a lot of time skipping rope, playing jacks, and hopscotch. I was really blessed with a mom that I could share all of those things with. She could always beat us girls at pick up sticks and was also really good at jacks!
Q: What character trait of your mother do you most admire and try to emulate? - Brenda F.
Brenda, Everything! I always wanted to grow up to be my mom. She is loving, giving, and the most positive person I've ever been around. She is what I call an encourager.
Q: What is your favorite thing about spring? - Lisa
Lisa, I'd love to say that there's no snow, but that's not been true this year! I am excited to plant some new bulbs soon though!
Q: With all your years of traveling, have you ever had a terrifying experience on an airplane? - Sherry S.
Sherry, several times. Once I was getting on a private jet and I had a premonition. I told the pilots when I was getting on, "When you get in trouble up here I want to know so I can start praying for you." The Pilot said he had checked out everything thoroughly and there was nothing to worry about. Once we got in the air, one of the pilots came back and said "something unusual happened, we can't switch over from one fuel tank to the other, so we are looking for an airport to touch down right away." The pilot must have been surprised I was so calm, but I just knew I was suppose to be praying for him. When the pilot went back up front, Kelly Shipley said, "oh you're not calm, you're just happy you're right!" and we laughed, prayed, and got home safely.
Q: What is your favorite Easter candy? - Sherri N.
Sherri, ALL of it! I love anything chocolate!
Q: With spring showers come pretty flowers...what is your favorite flower? - Mindy
Mindy, Of all the flowers my favorite is the Hydrangea.
Following in my big sisters footsteps, I have a yard full of flowers. Last year I planted 40 rose bushes and probably 100 bulbs to my already existing flower bed. I also built two new flower beds just outside my husband's window made out of rock. The rocks were 50 lbs each and my little sister, Irlene, was sweet to come over and help me build it.
Last year Irlene and I were shopping when Barbara called and asked us if we wanted any African beans. We don't eat them, but they're beautiful! The three of us decided the race was on to see who could grow the best African beans! Irlene's plants came up first, mine passed hers up, and Barbara, having the most experience, came in last. I guess I was lucky this time!

Q: What is your fav. thing to do in the spring time with your family? - Shirley S.
Shirley, I always enjoy Easter with the family, but this year will be a special year because my granddaughter, Larkin, will be old enough to hunt for eggs. When I adopted Nicole, I had been praying for years for a little girl and if you could imagine what that meant on Easter. I was working in Las Vegas and I had to hide the eggs in our suite. When she got out of bed there were so many eggs you couldn't walk through the room and Nicole said, "mommy do I have to pick all this up by myself?" I kinda overdid it. I will not make the same mistake with Larkin. I know i'm her grandmother and have every right to spoil her, but we are together 4 days a week so I feel a responsibility to do the right thing.
Q: Do you enjoy singing as much as dancing? - Mark
Mark, I really enjoy music, but I LOVE people. Whether it's singing, dancing, acting, or giving a speech, I really do it because I enjoy being with people. The fact that i'm doing something I really enjoy is just the bonus.
Q: When doing the television show in the 1980s, was it hard to engage with the puppets? - Jim I.
No, Jim, actually the puppeteers were so talented that it was very believable to work with them. I always thought Irlene was the most believable with them. She truly made you feel as if she thought they were alive.
Q: What is one memory from your days performing with you sisters that you would want Larkin to know? - Reba S.
I'm so glad that you asked me that question Reba, because I really hadn't given it any thought and now I realize at some point I need to bring out some of the old tv shows and let Larkin see the fun my sisters and I had together.