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Ask Lou: August 2011

Just had the most exciting trip of my life. I went to Africa with close friends, John Worrell and Kelly Shipley. We started at Victoria Falls, the seventh wonder of the world, where even I was left speechless. Then we attended a brine bar-b-que and the entertainers let me play the drum and dance with them. We walked with lions, rode elephants and took some great pictures. Then we headed for the Zambezi river where we fished for elusive tiger fish. While on Lake Kariba we were blessed to see some breathtaking views of landscapes and animals from our boat, The Lady Jacqueline. We slowly approached a herd of elephants enjoying an afternoon in the water. We were able to get within 22 yards. A short time later we came across some Waterbuck who seemed to fly through the water. I still have chills from the enormous crocks and a hippo that hit the bottom of our boat. She was very territorial.

No trip to Africa would be complete without a photo safari and I will never forget mine at Leshoka Thabang. If you notice that we were able to get very close to the animals so that Kelly Shipley and I could get some amazing pictures, it was solely due to the years of experience of our dear friend, John Worrell. Every moment was full of life changing memories and my pictures will always be a reminder of my adventure to Africa.

Love, Louise