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Ask Lou: February 2011

Q: What is your favorite scent? What perfume do you wear? - L. Campbell
L. Campbell, I enjoy wearing several different perfumes but none of which smell like flowers. Because I am allergic to so many fragrances I stay away from anyone with a strong scent. Haha!
Q: I listen to your CD in my vehicle all the time. What CD do you listen to the most while you're driving? - Christy
Thank you Christy. I am so glad that you like my music. I do not have a favorite CD that I keep in my car. I usually listen to the radio.
Q: I purchased Playing Favorites at The Gift this year (loved the show by the way!) I want to know if you play any of the instrumental parts on any of the songs? The CD is wonderful and "Always on m Mind" is my new favorite! Thank you for everything you do. - Cheryl
Cheryl, I want to thank you for your support. I am glad that you were able to attend "The Gift". I enjoyed playing several instruments in the show, but I did not play any on the CD.
Q: Do you have a favorite song from all the albums you did in the 1970s and 1980s? - Andrew S
Andrew, my two favorite songs from the 80's were both written by RC Bannon. "I wanna say yes" and "Save me"
Q: What is your beauty secret for looking so youthful? - Charlie & Donna
Charlie & Donna - God blessed me with a mother with good genes. My goal is to continue to look like her by drinking a lot of water and staying out of the sun.
Q: Hi Louise -- My parents just celebrated their 80th BD -- we got them tickets to Gaylord Opryland's Country Christmas -- which included seeing your wonderful dinner show, The Gift. My Mom noticed on the promo billboards that you had posted a Biblical quote -- she can't remember the citation and/or verse -- but, asked me if I could find out what it was -- as it was very meaningful to her. Could you kindly send me the verse?? thanks! - Connie
Connie, The name of the show "The Gift" came from the Bible verse Romans 6:23. "The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." We opened the show with it painted on a beautiful scrim that filled the stage, reminding people that we are celebrating a birthday for Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Q: I have followed you and your sisters since the early 80's. Thank you for standing up for your religious beliefs and not backing down. Do you find it hard to stay strong in your beliefs and still be a popular celebrity? - Nancy
Dear Nancy, I have never really thought about religion standing in anyone's way of a career. I live a blessed life. I believe God wants his children to be successful.

Q: Would you ever put your last show from Pigeon Forge on a DVD? - Diane R.
We attended your praise & worship service on your birthday, Plus your show several times. But missed your final new years show. Is there any way we can get a copy of it. - Ronnie P.
My parents are 81 years old and absolutely love you. They used to go to alot of your shows in Pigeon Forge at your theatre. My sister and myself got my parents tickets to your last performance on new years eve at the Louise Mandrell Theatre in Pigeon Forge. I just wondered if that show was taped so i could purchase a dvd from the last show for them. - Susan
Diane, Ronnie, & Susan, I wish I had a copy that I could send each of you, but all of our copies were sold from the theater. Your questions made me go back and do some research and watch that performance which allowed me to relive the wonderful time I had in Pigeon Forge with all of my friends.
Q: If you would to do your life all over again . Would there be anything that you change in your life? - Dawn W.
Dawn, I feel like this is a trick question. If I say no, it sounds like I think I never made a mistake. If I say yes, it sounds like I am not happy about how things turned out. So, I will be a politician and say very little! Ha-Ha!
Q: I went to your show this past Friday. I was going to ask you this question when I met you after the show but I forgot, so I'll ask it here. I brought a classic poster that you signed for me, which I had gotten with the Louise Mandrell Country Music Trivia Game. I was just curious how much involvement you had with the game when it was made? - Neal
Neal, my friend Ronnie Cook and I did this project together. He still teases me because when we would play the game I always got stuck on Mandrell Corner!!