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Ask Lou: January 2010

How sweet of you to send in your questions. Your love and support is greatly appreciated. I had so many questions! It really surprised me and I look forward to answering some of them every month. Love, Louise
Q: So glad to see so many new changes on the website. I really like them! Do you have a new webmaster? - Dave S.
Dave, Thanks for asking about our recent changes on my website. The credit for all the changes goes to Shelby, the new webmaster. I have known her a long time and she is a lot of fun to work with so I picked your question to answer first.
Q: What skin and hair products do you use regularly and do you have any special workout/diet regimens you participate in (other than your very energetic show!)? - Kari B.
Kari, you flatter me in asking about my health care. I am careful of the products I use because I have so many allergies. I try to watch my diet but I can't resist any temptation, like chocolate, ice cream, cookies or anything fried! I am a southern girl. After three years of avoiding the gym I have a new trainer, Susan King, and she brings out the best in me.
Q: Out of all of the albums you've released, which can you say is your favorite? Dustin S.
Any albums in the works by chance? Cheryl
Is there anything in the works for new recorded music from you? - Bob
Thank you Dustin, Bob, and Cheryl -- all of you asked about my music. I'm so glad you enjoy it. I have a new album project that will be released in the fall that I love so much! I call it "Playing Favorites". It was produced by Buddy Cannon with some of Nashville's finest musicians. I'm sure you will know all of the songs, probably all the words, and most likely it will take you back to some special times and memories, it certainly did for me!
Q: I enjoy viewing your pictures in the gallery. My favorite album is with Sally Sue. How long have you had her? She is so sweet and adorable. Love the pink wig! Where did she get it? -Mary R.
Mary, Only an animal lover could see just how beautiful my Sally Sue really is. You asked about her new pink wig. It was a gift from my niece Jaime who picks up strays on the side of the road and finds them homes. I truly believe Sally was a gift from God. She was a rescue found in Chattanooga and I have been blessed to be her Mommy. Yes, I said mommy. There is only one master in our home, that's God.
Q: I was at your theater when you received your buffalo award for the Boy Scouts. My dad said that is the highest award they give. Are you still involved with Boy Scouts and how about Girl Scouts? -Jen W.
Jen, Hard to believe but I was a Girl Scout leader. I got involved with Boy Scouts after filling in for a sick performer at the Jamboree in 1993. I am speaking at a Boy Scout luncheon March 4th in Cookeville, TN.
Q: I was wondering if you will ever consider a Christian/Gospel music cd? It is obvious when you speak of your family and of your faith that God shines through you and I know he would minister through your music.- Sheri D.
Sheri, I'm so glad you asked about any gospel music projects. I pray before every show that people will see the joy in my life and will want what I have, a personal relationship with our Lord. I'm proud to say the southern gospel group Triumphant Quartet started at the Louise Mandrell Theater in 2003. We are still like family and they invite me to sing when we're together. I love gospel music and I have never recorded a gospel CD but you may have noticed my favorite female gospel singer and niece, Christy Sutherland, has a link on this website.
Q: Who started the group in the shotgun sports? -Paul B.
Paul, My dad Irby Mandrell wanted boys but dad use to say 'God Blessed him with girls'. When we were very young Daddy was a police officer so we grew up around guns. My sisters owned hand guns, but I got them involved in the shot gun sports. Barbara is the best shot in skeet, Irlene comes in first in trap and any rifle event, and I am better at sporting clays.

Q: How long did it take you to learn how to play all of the instruments? -Brittany E.
Brittany, I'm still learning. I started in grade school. My mom, Mary, was a music teacher. She never asked us to practice. We would come home from school and mom would ask if we had time to help her in the kitchen or did we need to practice? To this day when I'm cleaning the kitchen I feel as if I should be rehearsing!
Q: Are there any hopes you will return to PF.? -Bob
Bob, you brought back great memories asking about Pigeon Forge. I loved living there and it was wonderful having my own theater. It broke my heart to leave, but my husband is sick and at the time his mother was ill and he did not want to leave Nashville. I still go back to see my friends in Pigeon Forge and I will be speaking at a charity on April 1st for Cherish The Child at the Country Tonight Theater. Hope to see you there!
Q: Will you ever tour again? -Joseph W.
Any chance of a tour with the release of "Playing Favorites"? The CD is awesome! -Cindy
Cindy and Joseph, I'm in Colorado Springs with my husband John. As you know I don't leave home often because my husband is ill. He has a wonderful Dr. who we believe can give John a better quality of life. In the near future I hope to see John better and me back in your area!