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Ask Lou: January 2011

Q: I attended your shows in Pigeon Forge a few years ago and I never did figure out your magic tricks! Once you were inside a truck then all of a sudden you appeared from the middle of the audience and walked onto stage. HOW did you do that? - Letitia
Dear Letitia, Making a truck disappear was easy. I lose everything. However, finding the truck was the trick!
Q: Sally is such a cutie and I was wondering which breed(or mix of breeds)she is exactly? Thanks! - Don S.
Don, I could hug you for such a sweet comment. I love my little cutie, Sally Sue. She is a Chinese Crested-Hairless. She isn't a miniature, just the runt of the litter.
Q: Do you have any pics from your earlier days? My grandpa died before I was born but he left behind scrapbooks with autographed pics of you and they are awesome. - Kristen
Kristen, I do have a lot of old pictures that I treasure. I am so glad that your Grandfather saved mine among his keepsakes. Thank you for sharing your story. It makes me feel very special.
Q: How many instruments do you play? - Dave
Hi Dave, through the years I have played 15 different instruments. Does that include the spoons?
Q: My dad was a BIG fan of Merle Haggard and country music. I got my love of music (and you) from him. When I told him you worked with Merle, he was so impressed. When I hear his music I think of my dad. What cool memories do you have working with Merle. oh...and I love ya! - Jeff
Dear Jeff, I worked with Merle when I was very young and in those days Merle spent most of his spare time listening to Bob Wills music and practicing the fiddle. Most of us spent our spare time listening to Merle Haggard.
Q: Do you think you will ever do another performance in Branson MO. again? - Rustin
are you going to tour again? - Janet
I hear you're going to have a 6 week engagement in Branson next year. True? (I hope I hope) - Cindy
I was wondering if you ever plan to come to Branson again. Unfortunately,I missed your visit this Spring. We think about you often and someday, hope to see you again. - Pat F.
i seen ur show when u performed in branson mo at the grand palace and it was great. I was wondering if u will be coming back to branson soon. - Flessia
Dear Friends, can't wait to see you in Branson September 12th - October 22nd at the Welk Theatre. I have been working a few dates on the road with Lee Greenwood and his band. We have had such a good time that we decided to work Branson together this year! See you then! [Visit the dates section for more information.]
Q: Are you married and do you have any children? - Brenda T.
Brenda, Yes, I have been married for 17 years to my sweet husband, John Haywood. And my daughter, Nicole, is getting married this year.

Q: First off, thanks for the autograph in September 1982 when you performed at the New Mexico State Fair. I thought it was awesome that you endured such a long line of fans. All I could think was that your hand must hurt! Anyway, any chance you could license more of your music to I-tunes so that I can download them to my ipod? I've still got the albums and even the Anthology CD, but trying to keep up with technology! - Casey
Casey, I loved your question and am turning it over to my management team!
Q: Seen your show on the 10th, we loved it.Thank you so much for talking about our JESUS and I hope you truly meant every word you said about HIM. My question is, do you have charities that you raise money for or silent auction? - Carlos
What charities are you involved with? - Tina
Carlos & Tina, I always try to be an encourager and not just leading by example, but also by encouraging words. I share the following list with you so that you get involved in your community. There is nothing more fulfilling than being needed. [CLICK HERE for a list of charities Louise is involved with.]
Q: Can I call the Gaylord Opry and order the Christmas CD directly from them or you? - Alicia C.
How can I get the new cd "Playing Favorites" by Louise Mandrell? - Cornel

Louise, I have been a fan from your first record on epic, many years ago. I am not able to travel to your shows, so I am hoping that you will please make your new music available to fans like me who are not able to attend a concert. I am hoping that "Playing Favorites" as well as your new Christmas CD will both be made available soon? - Mike S.
Dear Alicia, Cornel, and Mike, I truly appreciate your support. I am having my management team look into how we can make my music readily available to my fans. Thank you so much for your questions!