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Ask Lou: July 2011

Q: Just saw you and Lee Greenwood at The Quad-Cities Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf, Iowa on July 1. Absolutely loved it!! Could you please tell me the name of the first song you sang together with Lee? So wish I had that and the whole concert on CD! Thank you! - Diane K.
Diane - I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. I love working with Lee because he really puts a lot into his work. He is always at sound check and plans every show ahead of time. The first song Lee and I performed in the show was a duet Lee recorded with Barbara called "one on one".
Q: who does the cleaning at your house? - Vicki B.
Vicki- There are no couch potatoes at our house. Every one works. The only time I'm not cleaning or working outside is when I'm on the road. Did I mention I love being on the road.
Q: Hi Louise, If someone was going to fix you your favorite meal and desert what would that be? - Lisa b.
Lisa- I'm an old fashion girl so no surprise to anyone that I love meat and three and a chocolate chaser. However, Sally prefers steak.
Q: Do you do anything special or any ritual before going on stage? - Karen s.
Karen- My sisters and I always took time to pray before taping the Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters tv show. I have been praying the same prayer for the last thirty years... That people will see the joy in my life and want what I have, a personal relationship with our heavenly Father.
Q: Is there anything that makes you nervous, prior to a show? - Sherry j.
Thank for asking sherry. I love performing. I only get nervous when I perform a new song for the first time. So I pray about it.
Q: if you could only hear one song ever again, which one would it be and why? If you could only sing one song ever again, which one would it be and why? - Kari b.
Kari- If there was a right answer it would be something like 'John-jacob-jingle-heinmer-schmidt' because it never ends, but I'll go with "Through It all" by Andre Crouch, final answer.
Q: With your new cd called "Playing Favorites", I was wondering what are some of your favorite things? - Wendy g.
Wendy- My favorite things all involve food. Movies, candy, popcorn, and large drink. Outdoor sports like shooting, softball,or swimming served with BBQ and chips. A cruise with three meals and ice cream bar. Before you ask my least favorite things are working out and dieting.

Q: Hi Louise! If there was one thing you could do all over again, what would it be? - Deborah
Deborah - I really liked my 30's and would love an instant replay. I have no desire to have a second chance to fix anything. I am comfortable being me with all my mistakes and embarrassing moments.
Q: Hi Louise! I was wondering what songs from your past roadshows do you miss performing the most? - Jennifer o.
Jennifer- I really enjoyed performing "something to talk about" and "I wanna say yes". Both songs were fun to sing and dance to.
Q: I know what mine is but what was YOUR favorite memory about doing the TV show "Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters"? - Cheryl F.
Cheryl- There were so many wonderful memories and I learned so much so fast. I will always be grateful to have my sister Barbara as my mentor. One of my favorite memories and life lessons came from getting a script on Friday night and finding something I didn't care for. We had great writers but I really wanted them to change part of the script. I called Barbara at home and told her of my concerns she calmy and politely suggested I not call with a complaint without an answer to the problem. I worked on the script over night and drove to Barbara's house and she loved the changes. To this day if I can't be part of the solution I keep my mouth shut.