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Ask Lou: June 2011

Q: Hi Louise! I was wondering if Sally Sue travels with you when you are on the road and if so, how does she do traveling? We look forward to seeing you during your Christmas Day show! - Darrell R.
Darrell, Sally Sue is an amazing companion when we travel! She loves the word "go" and my friends tease me because they say she is a service dog since she keeps her Mommy so happy!
Q: If their was one wish that you could make come true (you wouldn't have to do anything but just wish for it) to help another person have a better life; what would that wish be? - Mary H.
Mary, if I could only help one person with a wish it would be my husband, John, because he has suffered such a long time and he is an amazing person with a big heart.
Q: If you could sit down to dinner with the three most fascinating people, who would they be? - Murray G.
Murray, you had a great question. I would sit down with Condoleezza Rice, Joel Osteen, and Garth Brooks because I truly respect all of them. I have been lucky enough to have met two of these people in my lifetime.... but I'm not dead yet!! lol
Q: Will you shows in Branson, be loaded with your hits, or will it consist of a lot of covers, like your shows in Pigeon Forge? Either way, you are great, just curious. -Ken W.
Ken, my show in Branson will mostly consist of songs from my "Playing Favorites" CD and some other instruments as well.
Q: Louise, will you be singing "I'm Almost Over You" during your shows in Branson? Its one of my favorites. :) - Janeen V
Janeen, i think "Almost over You" is a great song and I really enjoy singing it, but unfortunately it is not part of my show that I will be doing in Branson.
Q: Hi, Louise! I have been to several of your Country Christmas Shows at the Opryland Hotel. I want to take my children and their spouses this year. I don't see it scheduled. Please tell me you are planning to do it again this year? - Barbara M.
Barbara, I am excited to be a part of "A Country Christmas" at Gaylord Opryland again this year. You can visit www.gaylordhotels.com to see new information about entertainment and attractions. Hope to see you at Christmas!
[We will post ticket information as soon as it is available.]
Q: I remember the White Rain commercials that you used to do. What hair care products do you use now? Also, what brands of makeup do you use? - Pam H.
Pam, I really enjoy doing makeup and hair. I change my hair products quite often to prevent build up on my hair and I use M.A.C., Clinique, and Avon makeup products.

Q: Hi there! I LOVE that "Anthology" is on iTunes! Any chance we'll see your other projects there, Epic and RCA? - Austin
Austin, I am always the last to know anything! It was actually a country music fan that told me that my "Anthology" was on iTunes....so if you see anything else let me know!! haha!
Q: What is the funniest thing that has happend to you? Or most embarrassing?- Barbara C.
Barbara, it is endless with the things that have happened in my life that are embarrassing because I am in the public eye, but I think the worst was losing my shoulder pad in Las Vegas....and, of course, it was Vegas so they didn't think it was a shoulder pad!
[Q]: Louise, I admire the confidence that you have on stage. Do you have any stories about a time when things went wrong on stage and yet "the show must go on" attitude pushed you through? Continued Blessings Louise, you're amazing! (: Carol W
Carol, I am glad that I come off with having a lot of confidence because any time I learn something new I get nervous before I go on stage. Of course, you never know what is going to happen when you are on stage and you always hope that you handle it with dignity and grace. I have had many things to happen that I have purposely forgotten. Once you have learned from your mistakes it's not necessary to hold onto that memory any longer. Some things are out of your control. I remember the panic that went through my theater in Pigeon Forge when there was a terrible thunderstorm and the electricity went out in the building, only leaving on emergency lighting. We pushed the grand piano to center stage and used flashlights so that the audience could see us and we sang loud enough that the people on the other side of town could hear us! We took requests from the audience untl the lights came back on and no one left or complained. To this day I have people come up and ask me if I remember when the lights went out in Pigeon Forge.