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With LarkinThis picture looks so funny. Not because she has something in her mouth or a miniature chipmunk sitting on a boot… It's because she's wearing my boots and I look really short!
Larkin with her My Little PonyMy granddaughter, Larkin, spends a lot of time with me, usually four days a week, and we like to have an occasional slumber party. She turns 4 next month and this has been my favorite year. We are enjoying all the adventure that Christmas brings, but when I'm busy she enjoys playing with my little pony.
Bibbie & SierraMy baby, Bobbie, who is named after my sister, Barbara, and her best friend, Little Sierra, who belongs to Kelly Jackson, are enjoying Christmas. They are practically inseparable & they always have to be touching. Maybe it's because they don't have any hair and they're cold LOL! ❤️

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