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Ask Lou: March 2010

Q: What is Nicole doing and your nieces and nephews (Barbara and Irlene's children)? - Kim F.
Kim, My favorite subject is bragging on my daughter and her cousins. Nicole, my only child, is a counselor at Cumberland heights in Nashville. She loves her job and I think she would work 24 hrs a day if they would let her. Barbara's oldest Matt is busy as most of you know managing his wife,gospel singer, Christy Sutherland's career. They make a strong team for Christ. Barbara's daughter Jaime is working for fontanel properties. She is director of hospitality. Nathan, Barbara's youngest, works with my manager Clint Higham. Nathan really enjoys the music business and I enjoy spending time with him. He is married to Hannah who plans on being a Dr. Irlene's oldest Deric is a sales manager for CXN in Philadelphia PA. He's great in sales. I think he's great in sales because he's so handsome who could say no to him. Vanessa, Irlene's oldest daughter, just received her first degree as a dance instructor and is teaching ballroom dancing at the John Ford dance studio in Portland, Tennessee. Vanessa with a busy schedule is still finding time to pursue a vocal career. Irlene's youngest Christina Louise, named after her aunt Louise, is doing great her first year of high school. She is a beautiful young girl. I hope you had a chance to see her in the Taylor Swift video,"Fifteen".
Q: I know you have written books, but I was wondering if you had written any of your songs? - Shelley W.
Shelly, people ask me that question a lot. I can write a song but you wouldn't want to hear it.
Q: My favorite show from the Mandrell's was the show with Dolly. Was that a favorite of yours and did you enjoy sharing the stage with her? -Chris H.
Chris, I loved working with dolly and I am a huge fan. It is her twenty fifth anniversary at Dollywood and I hope you get a chance to go this year.
Q: I see that you will be doing some public speaking in April in East TN. Will you be making more appearances or is this just a one time engagement? - Les
Les, I am on my way back to Nashville and I had a great time in East Tenn. My husband John is still ill but he has kept his sense of humor. He said I have been home lecturing him long enough ha ha! I really appreciate his support because I enjoy public speaking and I love getting out of the house occasionally and seeing all of my friends on the road.
Q: You, Barbara, and Irlene have the best chemistry amongst sisters that I have ever witnessed. Has there ever been times where either Barbara and/or Irlene said or did something that totally embarrassed you or caught you off guard? - Angela D.
Angela, We're too busy laughing at ourselves to ever get embarrassed by our siblings, besides we never knew what Irlene would say. She was asked in a national magazine if Barbara was jealous of my bust size. Irlene said "of course not, Barbara would fall over".

Q: I'm sure you travel to many interesting places. Where do you wish to go that you've never been? - Julie
I would love to go to Japan. I have never been and I'm short,brunette and I love rice-- I think I could fit in! Seriously, I have a great respect for their culture and I have often thought of going.
Q: Do you use twitter, myspace, or facebook? - Janeen V.
Janeen, Right now I'm not on twitter, facebook, or myspace. (Update: You can join Louise's Official Facebook fan page HERE!)
Q: What are your favorite TV shows? Would you ever consider being on "Dancing with the stars"?- Mel
I love dancing with the stars and Mel you were sweet to think of me. If I ever do the show I know I will have at least one vote.
Q: On your new CD - I was able to get the CD that you had at Opryland. Will this new one be any different, and when will it be released? - Bill
Bill, we did a pre-release at Opryland of "playing favorites" to get an early response from some of the country music fans. It's my favorite album project that I have done and I'm so glad others are saying the same thing.
Q: I was inspired recently by seeing your nephew's testimony on CBN. Knowing you two are very close his struggles must have been very difficult for you. Your sisters have often commented that you are the "glue" in tough times. How do you hold it together during life's turbulent times? -Carol
Carol, I love my family unconditionally. When anyone comes to me for advice I listen and then pray with them. My mother taught me to give my burdens to God and leave them there. I'm extremely proud of the ministries Matt and his wife Christy are sharing at churches across the country.