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Ask Lou: March 2011

Q: Was it your idea or Lee Greenwoods to work together? - Carrie R.
Carrie, Once in a while something so great happens that you never forget it. Lee convinced me to open the Louise Mandrell theater in East Tennessee. Not only was the theater a huge success but personally I look back at eight of the happiest years of my life. When my management team called and asked if I would be interested in doing some road dates with Lee Greenwood and his band I didn't hesitate. We knew I would be a part of a great show.
Q: Does Sally Sue do any charity events with her mommy? - Liz
Liz, Sally Sue recently did her first charity event for the Nashville Humane Society in a book featuring pets.
Q: Where do you go to get away? - Chris
Chris, I really do love life. I never feel like I have to get away. Just go to... as long as I can take Sally Sue.
Q: How do you feel about your fans? You have some fans that have been with you for a very long time. Thanks! Katie
Katie, Anyone that has followed my career for a long time knows that I appreciate and care about them. Nothing makes you feel more special then looking out into the audiences and seeing a familiar face.
Q: Are you going to be doing a show on New Years Eve? - Deanna E.
Louise will you be having a Christmas Show for 2011 that will include New Year's Eve? - Pat
Deanna & Pat, As of now, nothing is scheduled.
Q: I've seen your posts about your knee on facebook, how did you injure it? - Melissa
What happened to your knee? - Mike
What happened if you don't mind me asking? - Shirley
What in the world happened? - Pamela
Thank you Melissa, Mike, Shirley, & Pamela, that is the same question the insurance company asked. LOL! I have been putting this surgery off for a couple of years. But, there are several dance routines in this years Christmas Show. Thanks to Dr. Burton Elrod, I will be ready.
Q: How awesome are you! I saw your performance last night in Marshall. No one would have blamed you if you had backed out because of your knee. I recognize that Mandrell ethic. It's a great example. Thanks for being you. :-) The show was great! My questions are about Branson. Are you planning to expand your set? - cindy
Thanks Cindy for mentioning my knee. Dr Elrod, my surgeon, and Kathryn Blevins, my physical therapist, are impressed with my recovery. I will be adding more music in Branson and playing two more instruments.

Q: In Nashville for the weekend and I just couldn't help thinking of the first time and only time I met you. I was the Delta Flight Engineer taking you to Tampa for an Orlando concert. You came to the cockpit and just talked. I was so impressed with your personal and sensitive side. The Love of GOD was so evident in your voice. After all these years have you been able to keep that strength and how? Mike f.
It is so nice to hear from you Mike. From your question it shows that you are a great encourager. I haven't changed at all. I still love to talk and I'm thankful God is first in my life. How do I do it? I heard Pastor Jeff Brooks say "if God is in the passenger seat, the wrong person is driving". God is in control and I can't wait to see where He takes me next.
Q: Dear Louise, I have noticed a campaign going around trying to get you on Dancing with the Stars have you been approached about appearing and would you consider taking on the task? I think you would be a contender to win it all. -Lisa b
Lisa, I never miss an episode of DWTS. I get this question a lot in my autograph lines because obviously I love dance. I never had any formal training in dance but given the opportunity I would love to be on the show. After all, you are exposed to the best of the best in ballroom dancing.
Q: Your hair and jewelry always is on the mark. Do you have a stylist? Would you ever do a hair line or jewelry line? - Samantha
Samantha, I get my jewelry in Louisville KY. The owner of Metry's On Main, Mark Metry, is one of my best friends and he always supplies my jewelry for red carpet events. Three doors down, the owner of Creations Hair Design, Rick Probus, another one of my best friends, has been doing my hair for 25 years. My favorite hair, make-up and jewelry was at the 2004 ACM awards when I wore the black Escada grown. I am sure this question came because I have helped Mark with various charity events over the years in Louisville.