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Ask Lou: November 2011

Q: What is your favorite Christmas memory as an adult? - Lisa P
Lisa, My husband, John, gave me a 40 foot cross and every Christmas we go to the cross for a prayer of thanks, remembering that we're celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Q: Hi Louise Being this is your last Christmas show for Gaylord do you think or have plans to do another Christmas show else where for people to come and see During Nov and Dec? - Bob H
I saw where this would be your last christmas show at gaylord..so saddened, but I was wondering if you would be doing any specials in nashville next christmas? - Sherri W
Bob & Sherri, This is my last year at Gaylord Opryland. My Christmas show ran longer than any of their other celebrity shows and they made me feel very special. I don't have plans for next year, but if I decide to do a Christmas show, you'll be the first to know right here on the website.
Q: Hi Louise - Glad to hear that you'll be back at the Gaylord Opryland for Christmas this year with a new show. Having come to your show the past couple years, what new or exciting things do you have planned for this year's show? - Deborah S
Deborah, So glad you're coming back. Other than the fact that my nephew, Matt Dudney, and his wife, Christy Sutherland, are still working with me, everything else is a surprise, just like Christmas morning!
Q: Louise, I assume Christmas is your favorite holiday. What is your favorite Christmas song, Christmas treat, and Christmas tradition? - steve f
Steve, I'm not really good at picking favorites, however I did on my last CD. I have to agree with whoever wrote "variety is the spice of life"! Normally, when I sit down to just enjoy Christmas music, I listen to religious music. My favorite Christmas treat is Godiva dark chocolate covered cherries. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking a birthday cake for the baby Jesus. I hope He likes chocolate!!
Q: Do you prefer real or artificial Christmas trees, and do you have old traditional ornaments or new ones every year? - timothy r
Timothy, I prefer a real Christmas tree, but I always have an artificial one because of my allergies. I put up several trees every year and most of my ornaments are sentimental, but I always add new ornaments every year. Don't miss the Christmas tree that I'm decorating at Gaylord Opryland and donating the proceeds to Children's Hospital. I really decorate it myself with only the help of my friend, Kellie Lapelle. It takes us several hours.

CLICK HERE to view and bid on Louise's tree in Gaylord Opryland's Hall of Trees.
Q: What is the best present you've ever given or received for Christmas? - Bandi L
Bandi, My mom always gives the best presents because even though she's practical she always remembers who the gift is for. For instance, one year I opened up a bronze baby shoe. I asked my mom if that was mine from when I was little, and she said no it was given to her when she made a donation in my name so that a young girl could afford to carry her baby full term. It was at that moment that I realized how well my mom knew my heart.
The year after I left my theater in east TN I wanted to do something special for my close friends, so I flew around the country and sang Christmas music for their churches.

Q: Hi Louise! Do you have any special Christmas ornaments or decorations that are from your childhood or were given to you by someone, that you put up during the holiday? Cheryl o
Cheryl, The only Christmas decoration that I have from my childhood is an old Santa boot that my nephew Matt still remembers from his childhood and tries to sneak out with it every Christmas. I keep telling him if the boot fits he can wear it. Until then, I'm keeping it at my house!
Q: What was your favorite Christmas toy growing up?
At Christmas we didn't ask for toys, we got a few, but we always got instruments. I'll never forget my accordion and neither will anyone else who had to listen to me learn it.
Q: Louise, I hope you understand as a mother when I ask this. Me and my husband were talking about your Christmas show. I have a 6 year old son named Aaron who has informed me if we go see you he might miss Santa. He knows he's been good but he don't know if you've been good or bad so I told him I would ask you if you've been good. Thank you from Aaron age 6. And mom - Flessia V
Dear sweet Aaron, I always try to be good, but at Christmas, I don't take any chances and I do everything I'm suppose to. When I see Santa, I'll tell him that you're a very well behaved, sweet, young boy and you'll write and let him know where you're going to be for Christmas!
Q Do you have a fav holiday recipe that you have shared with family and friends that is still getting passed around because it's so good? - Rhonda T
Rhonda, In the family cookbook, I put this recipe, but usually I just share Matt. He's a great chef!

Louise's Holiday Greeter

4 cups boiling water
4 bags orange-mango tea
1 quart apple juice
1 quart cranberry juice
1 cup sugar
2 oranges
1/4 cup whole cloves
6 sticks cinnamon

Pour boiling water over tea bags and steep for ten minutes. Combine tea, juices, and sugar in a large saucepan; bring to a boil. While punch is heating, stud oranges with cloves (you may need to poke holes in the oranges). Place oranges and cinnamon sticks into punch at the boiling point and remove from heat. Serve hot with a lemon or lime slice and half a stick of cinnamon. [Servings 12]