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Ask Lou: October 2011

Q: I have your book "Mandrell Family Album" and was wondering if you have any plans to write another book to pick up where this on left off?? I would love it if you would! - Vanessa
Vanessa, never say never, but it is not something I plan on doing. However, I hope the ending would read: "and they lived happily ever after."
Q: Louise, Has Sally Sue picked out her Halloween costume for this year yet? :)- Mary H
Thanks for asking Mary. I'm sure that since you've sent the question you have learned that Sally has passed away. This Halloween will be a difficult one for me, but I'm so glad that you thought she was special, because she certainly was to me. [Click Here to view the album 'In memory of Sally Sue' in the photo gallery.]
Q: Which is your favorite holiday ~ Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter & why? - katerina
Katerina, all of the holidays that you have mentioned are family holidays, so i celebrate all of them with pride.
Q: As a Christian, did you ever have any reservations about dressing up and going trick-or-treating on Halloween as a kid? - chanin
Chanin, Never did I hesitate to go trick or treating or not take my kids. I remember one halloween as a child, when returning back to the street I lived on, a bunch of kids stopped me and said "don't miss the house at the end of this street, it's really scary." I told them "i know, I live there!"
Another Halloween after the Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters tv show, Barbara, Irlene and I took our kids trick or treating together and one woman made her husband come to the door because there were three girls dressed as the Mandrell sisters.
Every Halloween i give out candy at my moms house because I live on a farm and no one comes by and because of my shows at Gaylord Opryland, my only opportunity to decorate my moms house with Christmas decorations is on Halloween night, so we close her curtains, I decorate the front of her house for Halloween and inside, between trick or treaters, I join my friends in decorating two different Christmas trees. Last Halloween, Santa came trick or treating at the door and we invited him in to take a picture by the tree.
Q: Have you ever had costume parties for halloween and what was the best costume youve seen? - jim g
Jim, When I first started dating my husband, John, one of our first dates was at a costume party. I wanted to look pretty for him. I talked John into dressing as Brett Butler, because he had such a nice mustache for the part and I went as Scarlet. He said frankly he didn't give a blank what we went as!
Q: Did you and your sisters dress up and go trick-or-treating together as kids? If so, what is your favorite Halloween memory? - Laura
Laura, My friends ask why i always dress as something scary. It all started with my sister Barbara. When she was very young our relatives dressed her up as a very unattractive bum. With her sense of humor, she ended up having more fun than anyone. In all the years to follow, she became the relative that made sure no one was attractive. If you want to see something really scary, let the big sister have a can of spray paint and a large make up case and two willing participants!

Q: What is your favorite costume for Halloween? and your favorite candy? - J Volk
I remember your Halloween road shows and know you love to dress up for Halloween. Of all the characters you have dressed up as, over the years, what is your all time favorite? - Sherry J
What's the most creative costume idea you ever come up with? - Misty B
There were several of you who asked this question. My most creative costumes to this day were created for stage. My carma miranda which had a 40 ft train and my opening dress for this Christmas. You have to see it to believe it, so come see me! And you wanted to know my favorite halloween candy. To eat, definitely anything chocolate. Last year I gave away large handfuls of candy, and when my buddy, Jet Jurgensmeyer, came by, he thanked me for my generous gift and then i asked him, was it the most candy anyone gave him, he said it was, but three doors from my moms house they were giving away big candy bars. I will not be outdone this year!!
Q: What is your most memorable Thanksgiving and what made it so memorable? - John S.
Louise what was your favorite Thanksgiving memory? - Tammy D
What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory, and what is always the first thing you say you're thankful for? :) - Christian W.
What will you be most thankful for this Thanksgiving? - Steve F.
John, Tammy, Christian, & Steve, My most memorable Thanksgiving was spent with my sister Barbara. She was working Las Vegas and I happened to be off and thought it would be fun to make Thanksgiving feel more like home. So several of us decided to fly out to see her show and let her buy us dinner. Barbara made everyone go around the table and say what they were thankful for. I'm thankful that I have a family that truly knows what Thanksgiving is about and this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I will be sharing the stage at Gaylord Opryland with part of my family.
Q: Who cooks the holiday meals in the Mandrell family? - Murray g.
I've tried many recipes out of the cookbook, all of which were great. I was wondering who cooks Thanksgiving dinner for the Mandrell Family? - Thomas W.
Murray and Thomas, normally we take turns, but this year I'm working. I'm sure I'll drop in on someone, it will probably be Barbara. She's a great cook.
Q Is there a dish that you just won't eat for Thanksgiving? - W. I.
I'll eat anything that the cook prepares, but my favorite is the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.