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Ask Lou: September 2011

Q: Louise I got to meet you and your sisters at the shoot last year as my graduation gift. I will never forget it. I was wondering what your favorite part of the cruise was? your pictures were absolutely beautiful. - Nicole Y.
Nicole, I love your name! That's what I named my baby who is now 27 and getting ready to get married. It's hard to top spending time with your close friends but my roommate was my daughter, Nicole, and we had a lot of fun planning her wedding.
Q: Hi Louise - Love your music and your live shows! Is there something that you look forward to doing or seeing in the world that you haven't had a chance to yet? Thanks - Deborah S.
Deborah, I'm like everybody else, I do have a bucket list. I've only seen a small part of the world and I love to travel. Wherever my next journey takes me I most definitely will be sharing it with friends. You can't enjoy anything without having someone to share it with.
Q: Besides Triumphant what other gospel artists do you like? - Sibyl and Anita M.
Sibyl and Anita, so glad to see your names come up. Can't wait to see you at Christmas. Of course my answer is my niece, Christy Sutherland. Her career is really taking off in gospel music.
Q: I know that you play many different instruments, but what is another instrument that you would like to add to your resume? - Sherry J
Thank you Sherry for asking, but a new instrument is not on my bucket list. I added the saxophone last Christmas and was so relieved to have such a great response, but with something new comes hard work and when I get a second wind I'm sure i'll feel differently. I usually do.
Q: I remember seeing you on Funny Business with Charlie Chase, can you tell us about a prank you have played on one of your sisters? :) - Janeen V
Janeen, it was my sneaky sister, Irlene, and my audience that played a prank on me! While the band was being featured and I was offstage changing clothes they opened all the exits so they could clear the theater quickly. When I returned, there was no one in the audience. After everybody had a good laugh, they let the audience back in and we finished the show, but I didn't leave the stage again because I didn't trust them anymore. The only prank I played on funny business was on my good friend Gary Morris. We were shooting sporting clays and we fixed the targets where they would not break every time he had a turn. My score was almost perfect and he was very unhappy and embarrassed. We had him check his gun and his glasses, but we made sure no matter what he tried, he couldn't break a target. He told me recently that prank still comes back to haunt him. People still tease him, and ask him if he's learned how to shoot sporting clays.
Q: I've got a couple of questions for you. If it's not too personal: What do you think is the best advice you've ever received? And what do you think is the best advice you've ever given someone else? - Cindy
The best advice I've ever received, Cindy, is the advice I still pass on; The marriage vows are not multiple choice.
Q: Out of all the concerts you have attended, which one has been your favorite show and entertainer? Thank you - Rena H.
Rena, It's as complicated as meat and potatoes, I don't want one without the other. My sister, Barbara, is my mentor. I learned the most from her and I'm still her biggest fan. Tony Orlando is the greatest example of how to communicate with an audience and gave me my first break in Vegas. Ray Stevens has the best comedic timing of any singer I know and has encouraged me to stretch my wings and try acting. My favorite male singer is Lee Greenwood. He also is an amazing musician and a really good friend, so imagine what a joy it is to sing with him. Sammy Davis Jr. was one of my biggest encouragers. He asked me to fill in for him when he was sick in Reno, and instead of resting his voice, when the curtain opened, there was Sammy Davis Jr. yelling and clapping louder than anyone in the audience. He said he would never miss my show.

Q: Wow sounds like you had a great time in Africa. I was just wondering what made you choose Africa over say Italy? - Pam
Pam, you would love Africa! I don't know about Italy, someday I hope to be able to tell you all about it. The real reason I went to Africa started out with a few days of work and ended up being weeks of play.
Q: What's Lee greenwood really like? He seemed so nice when I met him.- Kathy
Kathy, he's everything he seems. He treats me like family, and if you've ever seen him with his wife or kids, you would know that family is very important to him. When we were working the Alabama Theater in Myrtle Beach, he arrived at the theater before his band. I'm always early, so Lee walked up to the piano and said, "Hey Louise, I'll help you with your sound check, I'll play the piano for you" and we started the sound check without the band. He truly cares about our shows to want everything to be perfect and his desire is to make everyone happy. P.S. I like the fact that he's proud to be an American.
Many of you have submitted questions this month asking about Louise's baby, Sally Sue. Below is a message from Louise [9/25/11].

"I'm so sorry to tell you that my sweet Sally Sue passed away in my arms last night just before the show. I really appreciate your prayers." - Louise
[Click Here to view Sally's album in the photo gallery.]